and other need-to-know's

Do We offer payment plans?

Yes, payment plans will be made on an individual basis. We are interested in earning what our services are worth, not in the maximum amount we can get out of you. We will be fair in charges and will have contracts in place to ensure ourselves and our clients are completely satisfied.

How long will it take?

What anyone would like to know, but unfortunately there’s no one answer. Job time will depend on complexity of the work and what we may have on our plate at the time, but in general a basic website can take 2 to 3 weeks. Online stores and heavy-content sites should be given a minimum of 4 weeks’ time. Print work varies.

Limits on you. Yes, you.

Since we charge lower than most designers or companies out there it means oue work time needs to be kept to a minimum whenever possible. This means we cannot be doing revision after revision after revision. We are confident in our ability to come up with something you like after the first or second time around. Obviously the more changes that need to be made the more time it will take, hence the higher the cost. Our goal is to really get a gut feeling and come up with a look (or several in some cases) and build from there through editing and modifying based on your feedback. Indecisiveness or flip-flopping on ideas can cause time to be wasted and avoidable costs to come up. Ultimately we do require a lot of trust from my clients, but you will not be disappointed.

What is included?

Whether web or print, attention to detail that any job should have will be provided. Spellchecking, proper grammar, appropriate usage of particular fonts or design elements — everything a good designer should deliver will be. Slang will not be used unless it is appropriate to the client. As far as websites the number of pages, type of content, or amount of content it is on a case-by-case basis. For a general idea of pricing please see the pricing page.

Keeping costs down.

We will use a CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress, and this helps the cost stay low. A base or foundation website is built upon, which eliminates a lot of hours that building from scratch would require. Another advantage is the client can opt to change some content on their own as WordPress is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn, eliminating the need to hire us or someone else to manage small changes to the site.

The problem, our solution.

The reason we hear most from people in regards to why they don’t have a website for their business is cost. Our job is to help you grow your online presence and provide the service that people and businesses really needed: low-cost but GREAT!-looking websites.

Working remotely.

We are very used to communicating with clients by only email and/or phone. We have several clients who reside out-of-state and getting the job done to their expectations has never been an issue. If for any reason you are unable to meet in person or just prefer to talk indirectly it will in no way hinder your project getting done.